Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Visit To The Badlands

First, a stop at my hometown, where I grew up in Minnesota.........
Here is the court house near our old house. We loved to visit here as kids. It housed real criminals. We would go and visit the lady who fed the criminals, and the jail.

Here was our favorite part - the theater only a block from our house. We could walk to see shows, and needed no supervision. We saw "To Sir With Love" and "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter," among others.

We had many fun hours playing down at the river that ran through our town, behind city hall.

This is the view that we had from the alley that ran between the laundry (left) and our house which used to be on the right, but is now an apartment building.

City Hall, which was designed to look like Independence Hall was right across the street from our house.

Now, in North Dakota, and the badlands, I am camped out in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. See, Sherri - I can camp too! But no showers, can you imagine?!!

This is just some of the wildlife that I saw there - wild horses! I also saw Bison - up close, and prairie dogs. There are over a hundred species of birds and over 500 species of plants in this park.

This is a taste of the town of Medora, nestled next to the park. It was founded by Marquis de Mores in 1883. Theodore Roosevelt came on the scene at exactly the same time. It still has a few of the historic buildings from the original period and is very quaint.

It's hard to capture the beauty of the park.

More beauty of the park - notice the red rocks similar to the Southwest. Here the area becomes more like Montana - dry and more desert-like. The weather is awesome.


sherri said...

These photos are gorgeous. I love to see places that my friends see everyday.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Glad to take you on my trip!!!!

Jeff ("57") said...

Beautiful pictures of Fergus Falls & the campground scenery!!
I'm a bit envious of your camping experience, wish I could get away to do some camping myself. I think I would go south, like to where it is warmer (Iowa or the state below it probably).

I'll have to do some inquiring 1st, but I have a pretty strong memory that way back around 1980, my Uncle (Roland) & his family operated a Christian youth summer camp in the Fergus Falls area. It may have been called "Camp Joy"; and it was on a lake. I'll have to inquire with relatives to confirm this.

Have you ever heard of the existence of this camp, Gabrielle?? Maybe your dad has a memory of it??

My uncle Roland (last name same as mine, Bergstrom) spent most of his adult life as a preacher, along with his wife. They had a various small churches in rural areas, such as in the Foley area (east of St. Cloud)

They co-ministered for many decades, serving God humbly; they operated 2 summer Christian youth camps (one was back in 1970's in Brainerd--"Camp Jim" and the other was in Fergus Falls--"Camp Joy").
One part of their ministry was that they both would sing in front of congregations, and provided their own accompaniment: he played 12-string guitar & she played the Accordion. What a combo!! I remember them as very Godly people whom I admired.

I remember visiting their camp around 1980 (the one in Fergus Falls area--"Camp Joy") for a weekend one time with my family. I brought my dirt bike & I remember very well riding down the muddy, rain-soaked dirt roads & getting myself covered in mud, very messy!!
Anyway, the town of Fergus Falls has been mentioned to me in the last week by a couple people I know. And they mentioned Fergus Falls very shortly after I saw your pictures of the town on your blog.
For example, my roommate Ian went to stay last weekend at his friend's cabin in Fergus Falls just last weekend. And my on-call Assistant Connie just spent a week vacationing at her family's cabin, which she mentioned is in the Fergus Falls area. Just coincidences, I suppose.

Jeff B.

Gabrielle Eden said...

The Badlands in North Dakota are plenty warm if you go at the right time of the year.

I do remember a camp Joy, just vaguely.

Fergus used to be a haven, but has changed as so many towns has. It's not so peaceful anymore - there's an urban "element" of people now, and there is more chaos than there used to be. Sad, but a fact of life.