Thursday, August 6, 2009

Accolades to Ben Worley

Ben Worley is responsible for the graphics in this blog - the header! He was formerly Hammerswing75, but his blog is now not open to the general public.

He is so sweet for helping me out with my blog, and so creative!

He recently got married to Mall Diva (Faith) and I wish them all the happiness that God offers!!!!


Bj said...

Just love your "Tummy Boy"! I too traveled in an RV with three cats. They were always inside cats and very quiet. We hit the road and they loved it! One sat on my lap all day (if I'd let her) and one sat on the sofa with front legs extended, keeping balance ~ watching all the big rigs & cars sail past. I like your blog layout. I have one cat left "Peanut" who is just about 22 yrs old. Thanks for your visit.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Bj - that sounds so cool - traveling in an RV no less - I traveled in a CAR!!!!

I enjoyed your blog and will come back. I really enjoy that we feel the same way about the political situation!