Friday, August 21, 2009

And God Said "Let Them Be Cute..."

I went to the Minnesota Zoo today and had a revelation: God made the entire animal kingdom cute. Everything is cute! Even the grizzlies are cute as they straddle a huge log and lazily lie around with nothing special to do, their huge bodies draping over the sides of the log and their limbs dangling, their huge snouts sticking out in front of their faces. And even giant exotic fish are cute.

Of course, there are people who have been deceived by this and gotten too chummy with wild animals and gotten killed in the process. But there has to be a reason God made everything cute.

Maybe it was God's way of putting man in charge of the animal kingdom. It's why we are prone to become the ultimate "parents" of animals.

OK, KD reminds me - there are animals that are not so cute! Snakes are still not cute, no way. But most of the zoo animals were cute, and some are so ugly they're cute too.


sherri said...

This kitty pic is too cute! I agree that MOST zoo animals are cute...but hippos are kinda homely. ;)

kingdavid said...

Oh, I think there are a few critters that wouldn't break a 1 on the cute-o-meter, 10 being the cutest. Our family pass to the zoo recently expired, but I think we're going to sign up again. We enjoy going there as well.

I still call it the new zoo, versus Como Zoo. I grew up in Apple Valley, about 5 miles away.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know, KD - you are an expert in what is not cute at all in the animal kingdom. But everywhere we went, everything was so cute! Maybe it's because my niece is such an animal lover, I don't know.

Snakes are still not cute to me.

Sherri - hippos and other animals like it are so homely that they are cute, in my opinion. So many animals are like that.