Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bathroom Commodes and Baptist Churches

Find out what these two have in common here.


Jeff ("57") said...

My comment is: we want new blog material!!....we want new blog material!!....we want new blog material!!....O.K. shut up already Jeff...we get the point!!
Are you on a break Marie?? Hope everything is O.K. I haven't seen anything new since Sunday.
I have been visiting your nutty friend Sherri's blog as an alternative lately. I emailed her to introduce myself; and she even emailed back, said she'd pray for me. She seems real nice.
I have forwarded your blog post about B.C. & Baptist Churches to my boss. They should get a kick out of that, esp. since they are going to Florida over Labor Day weekend on vacation (remember the lady in story was planning a vacation in FL also).
I housesit & dogsit for them when they go to FL, which in recent season of time has been often--once each month--they leave on Fridays & come back on Monday eves.

Anyway, I miss seeing new stuff on your blog. I will try to fwd. something for you to use. I hope you have a great day!!


Gabrielle Eden said...

Jeff - see the next post entitled "Sorry"