Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Constantine 2005

The movie had me up all night because it impacted me so much as a Christian. It makes bold statements and asks bold questions that had my mind reeling for hours.

It's depictment of hell is so real, and it also brings to life other things that are a part of real life though many may not know it - demons that are present with us, even clothed in human flesh, as well as angels of God clothed in human flesh. Satan is real.

The thing that kills me is that it is brilliantly done but by people who don't understand or portray God's grace. What is wrong with this picture? The people who should be showing us the true picture of what hell is like, and the spirit world, and also bringing us up to the God of grace, and doing it brilliantly and creatively is God's people. Ach!

Keanu Reeves plays a man who, no, I'm not going to spoil it. Let's just say that he is trying to buy his way into heaven, and it's like there is hardly a thing he can do to get there. He performs exorcisms, and comes face to face with demons.

The movie doesn't say that his power is God's power, exactly, until you get to one part of the film, then he and a friend invoke the power of the Holy Spirit by using a ritual that is used by the Catholic church that mentions the Holy Spirit.

The symbol of the cross appears here and there, so you know that it is important to the film.

I need to see the movie again, as there is more that I have missed.

The movie powerfully brings you face to face with the question of life after death and the possibility of hell. There is precious little hope of assurance of going to heaven, however.

But it is going to make people think about "what if" about going to hell.

I applaud the filmmakers for powerfully showing the reality of the spirit world!

I have been to something like hell on manic episodes. It's familiar.


sherri said...

I believe the spirit world is much more real than what we experience in the flesh and bone.

I hate that you've experienced anything this awful that you would describe as going to Hell and back.
So thankful you are free from it!

Gabrielle Eden said...

For you it is, and for me too.

I am not 100% free yet, but I'm getting there. This is one of the reasons I am so adamant about healing. As I pursue His healing, I am getting free.

The last time I had an episode, it wasn't so bad - I had a brief experience of something like hell, but it was minor.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Great point concerned - the movie is saying that the devil could trick people into killing themselves, and thus land themselves in hell even if they loved and served God during their lives (what happened to two in the story). It's totally unbiblical! No one goes to hell who loves God! They have a totally wrong idea. The movie says that God and the devil wager bets over souls to see who can get them. God has complete power over who does and does not go to hell. The devil does not decide.

I have been praying for the filmmakers, that they would come to an understanding of God's grace, because they understand so well other aspects of truth - the spirit world, etc.