Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Dream I Had Last Night

I was thinking about dogs before I went to bed and about how much I could love a dog because they are so loyal and love people so much and I love animals so much.

So I dreamt about dogs - all kinds of dogs, but since I love cats, the dogs were sort of like cats, only they were dogs. And I was loving these dogs, and thinking about how great it is to love an animal.

And suddenly, I had a baby in my lap and it was my younger brother. When I was about 8 I did hold my younger brother in my lap like this. In my dream he was sick and dying, and I was saying, "no" to him. I was wooing him back to health.

The thing is that my brother is distant from God now. He had a relationship to God in his youth but was disturbed by the idea that God would send anyone to hell, so he left Him.

I was thinking, "how much more we love a person than an animal, because there is so much more to get to know." And I thought how I loved him, and I cried.

Then he revived.


concerned said...

I can't remember where I heard the story that a person asked God if she could take a person from hell and place them in heaven.
It didnt work because people in hell hate God and cannot stand the love in heaven.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh concerned - I put my response to this in the comments after "Constantine." I didn't realize this is where the comment went.

I totally agree - no one is in hell who loved God on earth. God separates Himself from them because they hate Him.

I did a post on Constantine where he tries to pull someone out of hell who was "tricked" into going there by the devil. This is totally unscriptural. The person was tricked into killing herself even though she loved God while on earth, and the punishment is supposed to be instant hell, so the movie goes.

The devil doesn't have the authority to throw someone in hell. Hell is God separating Himself from someone.

As for my brother, since this was posted after the story about him - I don't believe he hates God. He is just wandering in his doubts and I believe he will "revive" someday when he finally resolves his doubts and understands how much God loves him.