Saturday, August 15, 2009

For KingDavid

Melissa and Jackson Brandts, of Watertown, Minn. took this photo while they were on vacation in Canada.

This is the ultimate KingDavid photo! A squirrel that accidentally shows up in your photo - now there is an example of an "insidious" animal out to have his way!


kingdavid said...

I got quite the chuckle out of this. See my latest Facebook photos I just posted. Albeit Jino is a stuffed squirrel, he's our family mascot now, so he's been in a number of our photos as well.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I'll check that out!

Bj said...

I love this photo! I don't care if it's done with Adobe or not :D
I "flagged" myself. You know I did.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Praise God, Bj! Look what happened with the health bill - it is being defeated!

Way to go!