Thursday, August 6, 2009


God just spoke to me about idolatry, that the way we trusted in our President when it was Bush might have been idolatry, and that our idols fail.

Ways I see that Bush failed us:

1. He started a war to liberate Iraq, which was good in some ways, but it prepared the way for the Iraqis to rebuild Babylon, so that makes America directly responsible for the rebuilding of Babylon. Babylon is where the Anti-Christ is supposed to rule from. Great.

2. He started the overspending. His stimulus package was probably not a good thing.

3. He started a surveillance system on the American people that is very invasive of our privacy.

We cannot trust in our president over and above God. If we do it will invite evil. Many well meaning Christians have done this. We have shifted our focus to people in political positions instead of focusing on God.

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