Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Shack - Mars Hill Church

I thought I would post my own feelings about this book, because of the comment that was left. I realized I left out telling what I thought about the book.

I got only so far in the book and then I had to decide, "this book is playing with my head," and put it down.

The author is denying the importance of authority in relationships. He says that authority is just people trying to control other people and that the trinity has no authority in it - that the three in one are all equal. This is not entirely true. Though they are equal, God the Father is higher in authority than the son and the holy spirit. The bible says that the son does not know the times or seasons set by the Father's authority.

Also, the book states that there are many ways to God, while the bible clearly says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

This is a dangerous book because we need to respect the place of authority in our lives. To get the idea that authority is evil would be an evil in itself.

And, to start to believe that God did not make the way to Himself through Jesus, but that there are many paths to knowing God, all just as sufficient, that it is not imperative to come to faith in Jesus, is indeed a dangerous idea.


dan worley said...

i read the shack. i thought it had very good ideas. i think this guy talking is kind of a quack. i could say more but am kind of tired. i wouldn't attack the shack based on these guys points.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dan - I strongly oppose The Shack, and not based on this man's points or the one posted before this, but based on my own feelings from reading the book. It is heresy!

He denies the importance of authority in our lives, and he states that there are many ways to God, contrary to what the bible says - that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

dan worley said...

i listened some more and can kind of see both sides. what i really liked about the book was the "loving god" and getting to know him personally. Having a personal relationship. admittedly this is more of a main stream book so was trying to allow all to understand god. But i also see that it could be dangerous to christians because it is not that strong saying that jesus is the way to God.

To me it made sense. I would in no way call myself a universalist. but i do believe different religions have some of the same threads adn many religions tear themselves apart fighting over the differences rather than embracing the likes of the different religions.

i don't know it is a fine balance to embrace ones religion and berate someone elses. I guess i struggle with these things.

i believe in a higher power God but question if my tendency towards christianity is just becasue i grew up that way.

Anyway, the shack definetly succeeded in getting people to think about religion.