Friday, September 11, 2009

Chutzpah or Cush?

This is an interesting one, sent to me by a reader. It's supposed to be yet another encouraging story about someone who is making lemonade out of lemons, and that is what it is. The only problem with it is that it is about a boy who comes from people of means. Dear friend who sent me this, don't be offended by where I am taking this....

If this boy had been born into an average family with an average or low income, his life would not be so amazing. He would not have the high-tech whatever he has as prosthetics on his legs. He would not have so many varied opportunities to do all those amazing things if he did not have money.

So the amazing thing is the affluence as well as his Chutzpah.
What I'm getting at is when it comes to freak disabilities like this, what I most want to see is God's power and glory.

The most amazing thing would be God growing back the little boy's legs. Yes, it's awesome that the little boy is making the most of his disability, but God's power and glory would be even more amazing, and this is what I most long to see.

For the same boy, born into poverty, God's power would prove an even greater thing, where these artificial aids would not be available. We sometimes forget that here in the West.

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