Monday, September 21, 2009

Why does it have to be so hard?

If you are struggling right now - to overcome a sin in your life, to overcome addiction, to change anything negative in your life that just doesn't seem to want to change, maybe even a physical disease, you may ask: "Why does it have to be so hard?"

I don't know why, but I know that it is. And only fighters win. You must not give up. You must fight to the bitter end. Your enemy is not giving up and neither should you!

I cannot tell you what I went through after I got a hold of a love for Jesus after I came back to God and decided, "OK, now I am going to get serious with God. Now I am going to read my bible, pray, go to church or be in fellowship with other believers. Now I am going to live my life pleasing to God."

All Hell let loose. Satan came against me as I never imagined he would! I went through the worst battles. It was hard, so hard. But eventually I got a victory over many sin areas, and began to establish the relationships that I had always wanted to with people. I am finally in God's will for my life, heading for doing the things He has called me to do.

Here is some wisdom by one of those TV preachers who you may otherwise discount as a prosperity minister. I kept something he sent me in the mail for free.

He says:


Your battles usually appear suddenly, without forewarning. Your biggest mistakes will usually happen during the first few moments of a satanic attack. Surprise is his strategy. Don't panic. Be still. Stop and listen carefully to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. Time is your friend. Wait for the answer. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal itself (II Chronicles 20:17).

These Seven Keys Will Help You:

1. VISUALIZE THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE. Abraham had a picture of many generations of children he wanted. Joseph had a dream of himself as a leader and he remembered it. Know God's dream for your life. Get the picture. Big. BIGGER. Fill up your mind, heart and life with it. Now make that vision consume your life...every conversation...every thought...everything around you (Proverbs 29:18).

2. DECIDE TO FIGHT BACK. During the battles of life, you will be tempted to withdraw, become timid and passive. DON'T. Satan is a bully. Bullies delight in shy, timid non-fighters. Real fighters Intimidate satan. Whatever satan confronts you with today, be bold. Fight back. He will flee (James 4:7b).

3. USE THE WEAPONS THAT WORK. Your spiritual weapons are your most powerful weapons in your War against spiritual darkness. These weapons include praying in the Spirit, speaking the name of Jesus and quoting the Word. Jesus did it while being tempted by satan in Matthew 4. Don't forget...satan dreads your discovery of this truth. Remember, nobody else can use these weapons for you (II Corinthians 10:4).

4. REMEMBER THE WEAPON OF PATIENCE. Jesus invested his first 30 years in preparation for His ministry. Moses spent 80 years becoming a great leader. Time is your friend. Don't hurry. Remember - Patience Is The Weapon That Forces Deception To Reveal Itself. (Lamentations 3: 25,26).

5. KEEP THE SPIRIT OF A FINISHER. Anyone can begin a marathon. Champions finish them. Everyone experiences adversity. It is those who stay strong to the finish who are rewarded. Pace yourself. Determine to "go the distance." Keep aflame the Spirit Of A Finisher. (II Timothy 4:7).


7. EXPECT YOUR MIRACLE HARVEST EVERY DAY. Faith is confidence in God. Faith comes when God talks. It may be through a ministry, the Holy Spirit or through His word. Expectation is the invisible current that sweeps miracles into your life. Look for an Uncommon Harvest (Isaiah 65:24).

Mike Murdock

I agree with everything he says except that I think you need to let go of your vision for your life, not be consumed by it, because it is up to God to fulfill your vision, not you. The whole visualizing thing is very new age. It is not because we visualize things that they come true, but because they are God's will for our lives.

I recommend just taking the advice he gives and not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If you examine the truth about this TV preacher, you will be sorely disappointed.


David said...

Hi GabrielleEden,

I like what you said at the end, that fighting for what we want isnot the answer, but seeking the thing that the Lord wants us for us.

Even though it was a good thing to want a son, Abraham had to wait because God saw that he wasn't ready to be the right father to the precious son Abraham wanted.

Its when we surrender the fight, that we receive from heaven. Fighting only prolongs the wait. Jacob learned that one night. He finally put down his big guns after fighting all his life, even since the day he was delivered from the womb.

Satan loves a good fight, so he loves to keep us fighting for our rights. Even for the promises from God. When we finally cease and desist, and rely wholly on Jesus and His care for us, will we receive the gift from God.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I said, "let go of the vision for your life, not be consumed by it" I didn't say "don't fight." What about fighting the good fight of the faith as it says in the epistles?