Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buddy - my furry companion, is gone!

Now you have to understand that I believe in miraculous healing, and that I believed in that for my beautiful longhaired red tabby, Buddy, even for a behavior problem as he had.

But we needed a miracle quickly, because he was threatening to stink up the house and the furniture with cat urine, and that I'm not willing to abide, in addition to the fact that I am living at someone else's house, not my own.

He suddenly changed from being a docile, adorable cat who always went in his litter box, to suddenly urinating and defecating outside his box on the living room couch.

There is no explanation for this and it sounds truly demonic. I inquired of two pastors who believe in deliverance ministry and in the power of prayer. They instructed me how to pray for him and to take authority over whatever is wrong with him.

I took him to a vet, who said he has no physical problem, and that it is behavioral. It makes no sense. I only took it to mean that something demonic had taken hold.

But having come against all curses that might have been put on him, and against any demons that might be on or in him, and having prayed for his healing, and having had people praying for his healing, and still finding myself in the middle of a storm, I had to come to the conclusion that God was asking me to part with Buddy.

Buddy is gone now. He has gone to the Rainbow Bridge where I will meet him one day. I know that he rests with the angels, as I know all animals, made by God, go back to Him.

Now is when you had better realize that you will not see your animal again unless your soul is headed for heaven, because all beautiful animals such as cats will be in heaven. Make sure you are right with God, your creator.

It is a sad day, and it probably hasn't hit me yet, but this is my tribute to Buddy!


sherri said...

am SOOOOO sorry. I've lost a pet before- and it is heartbreaking.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Sherri - it's hard, but I'm just looking so forward to a new one now. I want a Tuxedo.