Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dreams of Revival

The first is a dream I had a while ago, maybe two months ago. It had to be America, because it's people who remind me of Americans at their best - healthy people, happy people, mixed race - black and euro mix, and they are swimming in a river headed in some direction, and they are all being baptized - they are ecstatic. It's a picture of revival. And in my dream I think out loud to them "we must do more than survive!!!!"

I was saying that God meant for us to live abundant life, not just barely survive!

The second is a dream I had just last night. There is this man who was raised in the ghetto. Me and some other people are passing the ghetto where he was raised and talking about the horrible conditions that contributed to his upbringing, that caused him to be the way he is, that explain how he turned out.

This same man sends bad messages about the sanctity of life - he sends out test tubes with fetuses in them, and these send bad messages to women, somehow, about the sanctity of life. In retrospect I see that this man could have been Barack Obama.

Then I am in a situation where there are these gang members, and there are a lot of other people who would be in danger, but I tell the gang members that they can no longer do what they intended to do - it is over, and so they go away. And I marvel at the power and authority that I have in that situation.

Then, as the danger and disorder dissipates, good, decent parents of children come out of hiding and start assembling together, many for the first time in a long time. They are not formal, they are not dressed in their Sunday best - they are dressed in jeans and grubby shirts. They look tired and war-torn, but hopeful and as if they are gaining new strength and hope.

I realize that this is revival. Something is happening. People are waking up. Spiritual life is happening. I wake up.

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