Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mourning the loss of an animal

Who can understand it?
An animal binds itself to your heart.
An animal has such a strong effect on your life,
even when you don't interact.
It just brushes by you day in and day out
and you feel its presence and it is so strong.
You love having the animal there.
It is comfort.
You call his name when you come home.
You fill his food and water dish by instinct, never
wanting them to run dry.
You never mind scooping the things out of the litter box.
You scoop every day, out of love.
Sometimes he sleeps by your side, nestling inside your bent leg,
inside the
back of your knee.
He'll sleep with you for hours.
It is comfort.
He's there for you during difficult times.
He's always comfort and joy.
He loves to scamper and play.
He loves to lie on his back and expose his tummy.
He loves a tummy rub.
Everything about him becomes absolutely precious
when he is gone.
There is a dead silence without him.
Heaven, you think of heaven. He is in heaven.
Held in the arms of the shepherd.

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