Saturday, November 14, 2009


What does the world care about one overweight, older black woman with no money, no job, no husband, no children in the area, nothing to speak of?

I met Doris at a church I was going to in South Minneapolis. She has been diagnosed Schizophrenic and lives in a group home in North Minneapolis. She was married to an abusive husband and her children live in Mississippi and she never sees them. They call her once in a while.

Sounds grim unless you know Doris and how sweet she is. She loves Jesus, and will always ask what you need prayer for when you come to see her and then she will pray a heart-felt prayer of faith. At the church she loves to get the opportunity to lay hands on someone for healing.

God spoke to me during the summer when I visited my home-town and the place where my childhood home once stood. There is now an apartment building standing where the house stood that houses mainly older women who are low-income. As I walked slowly past the building and watched the women sitting outside their building, biding their time with nothing to do but smoke, and with an air of despair, I heard God, I think, ask me if I was willing to give my life to helping people like this. Because there but for the grace of God go I.

I struggled with that. These people are the unlovely and unloveable. They are the rejects of society. I don't desire them anymore than anyone else.

But I realized I had already begun to reach out to women like these in the form of Doris and one other woman from that same church.

I take Doris out to lunch sometimes.
Here we are at Old Country Buffet.

Doris' prayer requests:

1. to find a husband and home of her own

2. to get out of financial bondage into God's prosperity for her

3. to be healed of schizophrenia

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