Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Healing of Hypothyroidism - my 1,000th post!

UPDATE!  AS OF 2013 - totally healed!  I got a test done by a doctor in summer of 2013 and it came back in the completely normal range, TSH 2.5.  Hallelujah!!!  The condition finally reversed!

This is strange. It has been hard to tell people about this. Why? People reject hearing about an absolute, in-your-face miracle of healing by the hand of God. It is amazing!
This is one of those.
God has healed my hypothyroidism.
When I told someone about it, she said, “well, it won’t always be that way. You’ll probably still need to take Synthroid someday.” Great. Great response to a tangible miracle. Why is it that people reject something so amazing?
Only months ago, a doctor had found that my thyroid level was low, which is indicated by a thing called TSH. When the TSH level is high, that means that your thyroid is low.
My TSH level was 7.45, and the normal range is between 0.2-4.5. My doctor prescribed Synthroid, but I wrote her a letter saying I would not be taking Synthroid, and that Jesus Christ still heals today.
She had already sent me a prescription for Synthroid, and ordered another test of my thyroid level two months later, perhaps thinking I was, in fact, taking Synthroid.
I went in for the test, but not until I first went for healing prayer to the healing rooms in Brooklyn Center, MN. I had hands laid on me and I was anointed with oil for healing. I also read scriptures on healing and prayed to the Lord for healing.
I got the test back and it proved that the Lord had done the first truly tangible, physical miracle in my life! My TSH had gone down. It was now 5.58.
My insurance was going to end and so I wanted another test done before I was not going to be able to get more tests done. I got another test about two months later. I had been prayed for again at the healing rooms, and by other healing ministers, and continued to read healing scriptures out loud and pray.
The test came back. The Lord had done it again. Now my TSH had gone down yet farther. It was now 5.37! At the level it is now, the doctor merely says, “slightly elevated, stable.” I don’t know if the doctor realizes that I’m not taking Synthroid, but she didn’t prescribe Synthroid.
Now, I will believe God for my TSH to go all the way to normal.
Question not if the Lord wants to heal you! I don’t.


goodwarrior said...

Hi, my name is Kelly. I have been struggling with hypothyroidism for about 8 years now. my levels got all the way up to 16. I am blessed by your post and was wandering if you could pray with me for my healing as well. Blessings!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Kelly - I most certainly will. And don't forget the important element of dealing with sin issues. I am caught in a struggle of dealing with the old issue of unforgiveness, and it keeps surfacing. I believe that once I am truly free, much healing will flow from it.

God bless you!!!!

Uri said...

I was on synthetic drugs first and have heart problems. Then a wonderful doctor switched me to bovine thyroid capsules , which was awesome. I've only been on this a week and already my hair & skin are much better !!

Nneka said...

Hello, my name is Nneka and I live in Nigeria where little or nothing is known about hypothyrodism,I have been struggling with hypo and all its symptoms for a long time now, even if am on Levothyroxine, sometimes I am ok but other times, its a big challenge getting thru the night. I have that great big hope that Jesus can heal me but am really scared of acting on my faith cos I know that when you decide to stay off the drug and watch jesus work, the symptoms will get worse and that is the handiwork of the devil trying to stop your miracle.I really want to act on my faith and belief as a christian but I am so alone in this struggle, I dnt what to do, am so all alone in this and the symptoms scare me so much. Help me pls.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Uri - how much better to be on the Lord's healing, than on drugs.

Nneka - I will pray for you - don't give up - speak scriptures on healing out loud, go to people for prayer for healing, anointing with oil, and keep believing. I will be praying. God bless you for believing - Jesus sees that and rewards that!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Uri - I will pray for you too!

Anonymous said...

I am Jaya and i too am suffering from hypothyroidism. It has been a struggle every day. I believe in Jesus and know that he will heal me completely. I too have issues with my family members which might be the reason for thyroid. Please pray for me and ask the Lord to heal me completely. You are right, God will heal us forever from hypothyroidism. Hallejuyah.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Jaya - I have prayed for you for healing. Also, be sure to go to Facebook and look for one of the MANY wonderful healing prayer sites there available. These are very effective. God will answer you. You must not close the door of your heart to believe Him for this miracle. Love you. Gabrielle.

Connie Merkel said...

Hi! I was Googling "God healed my hypothyroidism" and came across this site. My friends almost freaked out after I told them that I've been off my Rx's for a week now and feel GREAT! While on them in the past- I used to feel miserable. I always prayed for my overall health. At first- I forgot my Rx in accident one morning. Then I was curious and purposely didn't take it the next day. Gaining more energy & losing some water weight (not in my cycle either), I felt better. It's now day 6 and I feel more naturally alive instead of 'fake' temporary heart racing slightly fatigued as I did while on the Rx!
I believe Christ is the source of my health and energy! He has helped me deal with this.

Anonymous said...

I killed my thyroid with RAI after having Graves disease for 9 years. I was to be on thyroid med for the rest of my life. I did this out of disobedience. I knew not to but had just gone thru a great crisis in my life and found myself on the edge of a cliff ready to jump. That's what I did, I jumped. I even was back sliding. I suddenly became hypothyroid but had decided to do natural thyroid. I had nit done enough research to know you have to have a Rx for Armour thyroid. The Lord picked me up out of the pit I was in and thankfully before I became sick from the hypo. I would not wanted to have returned to Christ through sickness. I almost died from the symptoms then I found a place that sold natural thyroid without a Rx. I began to get my life back. After two years of taking the natural I was not satisfied knowing I would be on it forever. I prayed about my healing even though knowing it was all from my getting out of His will. I wad in a revival and spoken over (nit some flake but a true man of God). A few weeks later I was listening to the message the evangelist had preached that night and it hit me! God said "You are healed" I began to rejoice and I said " Lord I get it! " I looked at the thyroid I was taking, I had one dose left. I was running out. I thought I can take that and throw the bottle away and the Lord said, "Why do you need that dose"? I didn't touch it and it's been 3 months! I'm totally healed! No symptoms at all. Before if I ran out and wad waiting for the thyroid to arrive I would begin to regress rather quickly. From a dead thyroid to no thyroid med or natural God didn't just perform a healing but a miracle! I've been able to testify over and over and over. It's ministered to many and those who know me have seen first hand a sovereign move if God almighty! PRAISE THE LORD!

Anonymous said...

Touched by the testimonies.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Anonymous - PRAISE GOD! That's a wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing that. I may take it an add it to the main post. Is that OK? I'm so happy for you!