Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Perfect Thing

I realize now the folly of trying to find a pet to replace a pet you had. I found this cat and thought he would be Tubby all over again. He was not. I already returned him to the Animal Humane Society because he was far too intense for my family, being a 4 year old male who wasn't neutered until recently.

But he was such a love, anyway, and I quickly began to get attached. He was so affectionate, and would put his head right next to your head, and you could feel the current coming from him. You know how that is with a human, if they put their head right to your head, and how uncomfortable that can be unless you share a strong bond with them?

With an animal like this it is divine. You realize that they are divine - that they have a spirit inside them that comes from God, that they are God-given.

They are the perfection of God's design. I can say that even though he was imperfect and we had to return him. He was such joy and delight. He added just the love and joy I was needing in my life after losing my cat Buddy.

Animals show God's perfection, in that they are so perfectly designed, unmarred by sin. I am lamenting that I had to return him, but rejoicing that my life was blessed with the time I had with him. His name was Caboose.

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