Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time Out For An Epiphany

art by Kathrin Burleson
Today I went to church as I always do, only I visited a church other than my parents' church, which is a move towards getting closer to God, as my parents' church, well, it's just a little buttoned up and conservative and holds back on the Holy Spirit, being a conventional Lutheran church. Nothing against it, as they teach the Word, and it's bible believing. But, I just need more in order to draw closer to God, so I go to a charismatic church where the worship is more exciting when I get a chance.

God must be pleased, because He touched me today on my way home in the car. It was an epiphany. You gotta have one of these. I was nearing our home and rounding the bend that leads to the left turn that takes you down the road leading to our house. There are colored maple trees lining the street and it's kinda pretty and the sun was shining.

Suddenly, as I am thinking about God and praying for a couple of single women who asked for prayer today at church, this overwhelming flood of peace, and a rush of wonderful feeling of being elevated to a higher place and to joy comes in and just touches my whole mind and emotions.

It's kind of like the feeling you have when you wake from having been given anesthesia, only it's God and the Holy Spirit. I realize that God is touching me. And the pastor was just talking today about how God goes out of His way to speak to us.

It's amazing. I had to stop in the driveway and put my head in my hands and just let the whole experience wash over me. I said to myself "I'm having an epiphany!!"

This is something to pray for. Ask God to give you an encounter like this to lift you. Ask for an epiphany.

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