Monday, December 7, 2009

The Blind Side - Wow!

This is one amazing story! I was strongly convicted by the courage of the Tuohy's who took in a young black man from the streets, into their home, and made him one of their family. This changed his life, and theirs. What courage, what love, what a difference it makes in our society, in our world! If only more people would, could do what they have done. If only I was able to do such a thing!

This was a story worth telling, and makes one great film. That is not to mention Sandra Bullock's awesome performance as the Christian mom who was at the heart of this venture. Bullock was supposedly inspired by the real-life woman who took in Michael Oher and helped him to make something of himself. People in Hollywood, such as Bullock, need more examples like Mrs. Tuohy in order to come to faith.

What an inspiration for all of us!

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