Sunday, December 13, 2009

Divine Discontent

I have the worst discontent but it's about this: I want to be in fellowship with believers who push back the powers of darkness in the place where they live. I want to worship God until the lid that is on us is lifted and we reach heaven. I want to see deliverance and healing. I want to see the power of God manifest in the worst way. I want to see God's glory.

I am getting tired of people who settle for second best, who wallow in mediocrity. I feel that Minnesota, and America are places where people dwell in mediocrity spiritually, and settle for so little with regards to their relationship to God. People don't reach out for all of God. I am tired of waiting.

When I was involved with the Toronto Blessing, the thing that characterized it was this: the city of Toronto is heavy with dark principalities and powers. To go walking through the city during the day would be to feel those heavy powers and to be overwhelmed with the oppression. But you walk into the huge church and join the large congregation and begin worshiping, and immediately you are aware that the powers of darkness have been dispelled. You are able to reach heaven and your soul and spirit are totally refreshed. This was an amazing revelation - that a church could push back all the principalities of the city in which it is placed and provide a place for people to gain access to heaven. Within it then, there is great deliverance and healing.

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