Friday, January 1, 2010


God restores. She is the healing of my heart.

My cousin brought her from his brother's farm. They had named her sister Grace, and her, Glory.

She is medium to long haired and presents a grooming challenge. Ask me if I care. She is "Polydactyl," with a fifth toe, a "mitten cat."


Jeff said...

Hey Marie, that's great!! Good for you that you have gotten another pet. I hope you will both be happy with each other for years to come.
I sent you an email fwd. of some funny animal pictures--have you ever seen such an intense expression on a cat like the poor one in the shower photo??!!

Sorry to hear that you decided to not blog so much now......I will miss the normal frequency of your posts.

Are you sure about this thing of computers supposedly harming your vision?? I have not heard any credible evidence that this is true; so I encourage you to look into that further & do research before settling on depriving yourself of blogging & using computers as often.
I suggest you run this by an optometrist to get their professional advice on this issue; or at least to read about this issue on the Internet. I can send you an email with a couple of articles I found on Internet that address this issue.

I hope you will post something soon on the Haiti earthquake issue; that it such a massive tragedy & a big issue in the news currently. Any thoughts on that story??

Have a Blessed week.

Jeff B.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hi Jeff - thanks for your best wishes on my new little furry friend. I just read something on Yahoo news about all the texting and video games are causing young people to need glasses sooner than usual.

I only know what it is doing to me. I have to limit it because time on the computer is causing me to have double vision when I come up from being on it, and it is directly related to being on the computer. Looking into a lighted screen has its repercussions, just like watching TV always did.

I only know the benefit that I am getting from being on it less. My eyes thank me.

Jeff said...

Follow-up from Jeff:
I remember from reading the Internet articles that there is a difference between using a traditional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) type of computer screen vs. the newer technology of an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.
They were saying that the LCD screens (now commonplace for computers) are much easier on the eyes compared to the harshness of a CRT screen. I can stare at my nettop's LCD for many, many long hours with no ill aftereffects on my eyes.
So if you are using the traditional old-technology of a large CRT computer screen, that may be the culprit in the situation with your eyes being affected. A new flat screen monitor (LCD, of course) may be an effective & cheap solution for you. Or.....a laptop computer will have an LCD screen, if you can afford one.

Additionally, I remember that the articles mentioned that some people are helped by wearing special glasses that are designed just for viewing a computer screen. For that I think you would need to see an optometrist.
And finally, the article mentioned that there are screen overlays available (like a screen protector/filter) which can be easily attached to the screen; these reduce the glare & make it easier on the eyes. Those overlays are commonly used at libraries.

I'm not saying that you should go check into any or all of these solutions; plus I am mindful of your other issue that you say you are losing some of your interest in the Internet.

That's understandable & I accept that. I tend to spend too much time on the Internet myself; instead of spending a majority of my time applying for jobs online--I end up viewing other stuff (like movies, old TV shows, & Fox News report videos).
There is just SO MUCH stuff on the Internet which can distract you--things that are trivial & irrelevant to what God would have you do to use your (actually His) time--you know??

I'm just mentioning these things (i.e. the computer solutions to CVS)so that you know that if and/or when you do regain the desire to use computer more in the future, then there are some natural things that you can tap into as at least partial solutions.
Plus you know how the male mind/psyche works.......we like to offer & facilitate solutions to problems. Perhaps that is a part of our God-planned role in society, I don't know.

Hope this will give you hope for the future. And keep in mind that Ecclesiastes talks about how there is a time & a season for everything under the sun; therefore you may be in a season in which God does want you to take a break from the Internet milieu & pursue other things for a while.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Jeff.

Yeh, I had my season of the internet - I was totally passionate about it. I spent hours and hours. It just died out. I am so honored that my blog means a lot to you, and perhaps it means a lot to someone else.

I am still around, just wanting to use my time differently. My eyes signaled the need for that.

Oh, by the way, I have a laptop - it's fairly new, a Macbook, so it's got to be excellent technology as far as an LCD screen.

Thanks for the male inspired offerings of wisdom :) however!

I must tell you about my visit to Living Word recently.

Mac Hammond looks better than ever. This causes me to reflect on the wisdom of his ways. He is thinner and in better shape than ever. Man! Living well is the best revenge! His body says, "and here's to your view of prosperity gospel. Poo Poo!"

I am compelled more than ever to go back to Living Word for more visits.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Jeff - also, regarding my eyes. I remember years ago when I played the piano a lot, I would get all caught up in my piano playing so that when I was done playing for about an hour or more, I would come away with double vision. My eyes would get all screwy from it. It's something I do when I get all caught up in something - I'm not sure what it is, but there is something more going on than just vision, and light, etc.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, and I wasn't talking about playing piano and looking at sheet music - I was talking about playing by ear and just looking down at the keys. I play by ear.