Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Margaret Rutherford Refuge

How I adore Margaret Rutherford, star of old Agatha Christie films. She looks, in my opinion, like a human Bassett Hound, which may not sound too flattering.

But there is another category of people that you may want to consider joining, if the other ones haven't worked out for you - the category of cute. She is the cutest human being ever.

And she is full of life - doing everything as an old lady that any young person does, including having a "boyfriend" who adores her.

She is the sly sleuth, solving crimes as well as any young, male detective.

She has everything to live for, telling us that we have nothing to fear if getting older means losing the element of "sexy."

Her famous line is: "we can't all be young and handsome."

This line keeps coming back to me, and visions of her face as I get older. And I chuckle.

Thanks, Margaret Rutherford!

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