Sunday, January 24, 2010

Report on Mac Hammond

I went to Mac Hammond's church recently. I thought I would share my reflections on that.

It didn't all go smooth. Jesse Duplantis was there and I was quite put off by too much talk about money, again, and I thought "Lord, what do you want me to think?"

But that wasn't all that happened.

After Duplantis spoke, Hammond got up on stage to close the service. He looked fantastic. I hear he is between 65 and 69 years old and he looks better than when I left the church about ten years ago. He is thinner and in great shape. He is grayer, but his face looks great!

I thought that this was a great testimony to all the people poo pooing his "prosperity message." "Living well is the best revenge." Just kidding. He's not out for revenge. But his body spoke volumes. The wisdom of how he takes care of himself spoke loudly to me.

Then I saw his message today on TV. While all the other stations had sports and politics on a Sunday morning, Mac Hammond's "prosperity gospel" had won him time on a major network during an appropriate time for TV church.

His message was very good. He talked about a pure heart. He said that a pure heart is evident in 2 ways: 1) that one does not "lift up his soul to an idol." He said in another version it says that a person does not give himself to any worthless thing. He talked about how this relates to finances, but to life in general.

2) that one makes commitments. He talked about the serious lack of people making commitments in the body of Christ.

It was totally convicting. No, I think I'm making my peace with Mac Hammond.


laurawegener said...

I love that message of Pastor Mac's! It's definitely good. In fact, his whole teaching on the Beatitudes (which this is a part of) is fantastic!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Laura!

Guitarman said...

He is standing the test of time. I saw him 15 years ago but the church seemed to business like and not warm. Jesse though is plain entertaining.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yeh, guitarman, I hear you. I have totally mixed feelings about the church. When I went back, Jesse was funny, but again, the emphasis was all on money. Money. Money. Money. The Christian life encompasses more than finances.

but I have to make peace with Hammond's church and not judge or criticize. I think it's OK to make value judgments but not stand in condmenation over it.