Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is an email that was sent to me by a friend, author unknown:

Every now and then I imagine judgment day in heaven to realign my priorities in life. What is it that really matters in life? We know that when we get there God will talk to us about how He was hungry, poor, naked, etc. and what we did about it.

I imagine we will all soon realize just what is important in life by witnessing the lost served with a notice to an eternity in hell. I imagine it will be even sadder than watching a loved one pass away here on earth...for at least we know, sometimes, that we will see them again in heaven.

How many of us already know how self righteous we have become in our everyday lives? How many of us will repent, change and live every moment unto God from now on when considering this future? We must open our eyes to see the lost, hurting, brokenhearted, naked, poor and destitute and give them love.
Revival begins with total repentance. I believe revival will hit America soon again and will this time be more widespread than ever before. Many of the largest revivals known began with one person or a small group of people praying desperately for forgiveness for themselves and their city/nation.

You don't' have to be a celebrity to change someone's life, you just have to be willing to lay your life down for those in need...put aside your life for a moment for someone who needs you more. Who will take all of this to heart and actually do something? How great would it be if revival started as a result of sending emails like this and people got serious with God and themselves?
If you truly want to see revival in your country then it is time to get on your knees before the Lord and begin praying. Repent until there is nothing left to repent of and then still repent for your nation. Ask the Lord to move in your city and come to a place in prayer where you are desperate for Him.

Lay your life down for those around you: feed the hungry, heal the brokenhearted, lay hands on the sick, clothe the naked and give to the poor. Do not judge people but pray for them and show them the love of God. When God begins to move in your city, don’t stop or quit. Never let go of the revival when it comes.

Do not quench the fire by keeping it local, but let the fire become ablaze across your entire nation and then to the uttermost parts of the earth. The apostle Peter went from denying Christ 3 times to winning 3000 souls for Christ, the Azusa street revival, the Brownsville revival, etc all started in an upper room of prayer. What is most important in life?

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