Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If Only In America!

This was an email sent to me:

On February 12, 2010, President Préval of Haiti called his nation to 3 days of fasting and prayer in place of the regular Mardi Gras celebration.

Not long after the devastating earthquake wreaked havoc on Haiti, President Préval made a monumental decision; together with his people, he would humble himself before the Lord, calling on Him for forgiveness and healing for his land.

It was the time of the Mardi Gras celebration, but the people of this impoverished nation were more than willing to change their plans, as their hearts had already been broken.

President Préval announced to his nation that there would be 3 days of fasting and prayer in place of the usual annual festivities. There were only about 5 days to organize the vigil which was to take place before the earthquake-ravaged presidential palace.

But, would the people heed the call to prayer? Would the people come?

Indeed, they did. Hundreds of thousands of Haitian people gathered in a picture of true repentance; hands uplifted to God, tears streaming. The prime minister arrived. He didn't speak a word, but he cried for an hour, then left and returned with Haiti's President. Reportedly, thousands came to Christ during that time, with over 100 voodoo priests turning to Jesus.

I invite you to watch a video report of what took place that moved me to tears.

Now if only this would happen in America! See how a wounding like the earthquake can produce the fruit of repentance. This is so wonderful! Let's watch and see what great things this will produce in the country of Haiti in the months and years to come!

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Jeff B. said...

I invited 3 people I know to look at this Haiti post on your blog. 1 person emailed me back to say "thanks for sharing!!".
So your blog entry about that revival in Port-Au-Prince has not gone unnoticed.
I recently talked to a guy that was a co-worker at the Northland Inn in B.Park; his name is Evens & he is from Haiti. I asked him about any family he has over there; he said his elderly mother still lives in the capitol city, and that she survived the earthquake just fine. I suggested or asked him if he would want to bring her to live in the U.S.; and he laughed that off sort of and said she was fine there in Haiti. So apparently some people are doing relatively O.K. after the devastating earthquake there.