Thursday, March 18, 2010

Searching for Integrity

This is mainly to those Minnesota Organization of Bloggers members who have noticed that my blog(s) have been filled with images that may or may not have come from legitimate sources.

Most of my posts lately have images that come from emails that are being circulated - thus, I believe that the images are public territory.

Only occasionally have I been going to Google images and finding pictures that suit a particular post.

But one of you made comments at the party Saturday night about using legitimate images. Katie Kieffer's amazing blog, which is all above board, makes me aware of the need for integrity in blogging as well.

I have almost 1,100 posts on Garden of Eden and over 300 posts on Go Free Now. What an arduous task to remove all the images that have come from websites that I probably shouldn't have taken them from.

Can anyone in the M.O.B help me with this? I have found a website that offers some information about taking images and I have emailed them, asking them for help. If you have any additional comments, please leave them.

My blog(s) should reflect greater integrity in the future, but oh, what a task I have ahead!

Update: Katie Kieffer emailed me, (thank you) and explained that Google is a great, legitimate source of free images, but I should give credit from now on for the source of the image - name the photographer. I am just wondering if I will know who that is.

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