Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank You Victoria Jackson!


Jeff B. said...

Yeaaa!!....I'm get to be the 1st to comment here!!
O.K.; I am certain that Mrs. Jackson is a bona fide born again Christian....did you know?? To quote from her Wikipedia page: "Jackson is a self-proclaimed devout Christian and has appeared on programs such as The 700 Club....".
I remember seeing or hearing an interview several years ago in which she made it abundantly clear that she was a Christian. Despite her persona of a wacky blonde, she does make good points & you can see the "light" of Jesus emanating from her.
During her stint at SNL, she somehow managed to keep her dignity, morals, ethics & Christian witness; as she participated in that unGodly & secular show. I think God placed her there (from 1986-1992)to be a light & a witness to the other cast members & crew.
That is what I remember from that interview; that she was explaining & defending herself for participating in that unGodly atmosphere of SNL. She had favor with the writers & the producer Lorne Michaels; she was able to pretty much stay out of the risque & mocking-type skits.
Her presence on that show was more or less innocent. Her appearances were much lighter & relatively inocuous (remember her repeating skit in which she stood upside down, doing a handstand while reciting poetry?? She was also a repeating character in the "Toonces the Cat skit" HILARIOUS!!!
She also played the ukulele & sang goofy songs which were innocuous.
You can check her out on Wikipedia. After I viewed her video which you posted on your blog, YouTube automatically finds her related videos. I watched her appearance on Sean Hannity--in which she pretty much steals the show as part of a 3-person "Great American Panel" segment. I hope you will look at a few of her other appearances on YouTube.
She is Great!! A Godly woman & she is being used to wake up people in a political way.
I may post her new video on my FB page; if I have time I will recommend your blog posting of her new video to some people on my email list.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Ditto to everything you said about Jackson. I was going to publish info about her past, as I just posted this last night at my cousin's, and he was talking to me, so I didn't have a chance. But you said it all. She is a passionate Christian, and has made her faith very public.

I think she has said that in her Saturday Night Live days she was more lukewarm, but still a Christian - it was a phase of her life, but since then she has embraced Christ more passionately.

She plays a bimbo but is very intelligent.

Guitarman said...

Very cute, I had to watch it to the end

Gabrielle Eden said...

She is very cute. She is totally cute!