Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is It Right To Judge?

I found this great writing on the subject of Judging. I have been burdened by my own judgment of people lately, and asking if I should be judging others.

This essay answers those questions.

Note: I think that the biblical passage that says "judge not" means "condemn not." The word judge in this essay is really being used to denote discernment. The kind of judging that was bothering me towards others is condemnation - I was being condemning. But it is important to make a distinction between condemning and "judging" in the context that is being written about here.


Jeff B. said...

O.K.!! I won't just lurk!! I won't hold back! I WILL comment!!

This article on judging is EXCELLENT. Thanks for posting. I have never had a good argument to counter the wimpy, false, & dogmatic assertions by some Christians & non-Christians alike who claim we shouldn't judge others. That's MALARKEY!!

That was such an enlightening article--seems to illustrate one of the differences between the liberal left & the conservative right.

Now I have a better tool to use if someone does blather out the nonsense about how we "shouldn't judge".

I copied & saved this article in my computer. Thanks again for posting; You are helping to bring LIGHT into the world, Gabrielle.

Jeff B.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh sorry. I didn't respond to your comment. This is a good article, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I think what stands out to me is that one should couple judging with mercy.

But one should judge.