Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shocking Anti-Semitism in France, part 2

I just talked to a friend yesterday who has spent a considerable amount of time in France. The reason is because she loves France and has a vision to bring revival there.

She has spent a fair amount of time in places such as Paris, but has also gone to the countryside. She is fairly well off and has been able to vacation there quite a lot.

Anyway, the point is, she reads a paper regularly from there, and has first-hand knowledge from having spent time there, so I thought I'd ask about the information I received about wide-spread anti-Semitism happening in France. She said she has not heard of such a thing. She thought the number of Muslims sounded far-fetched and that the Muslims in France were not lashing out at Jews.

She said that the Muslims in France do not have the same rights as in the United States. If the women want to wear Burkas in Paris they are not allowed to. If children want to dress differently to public school, they are not allowed to.

Children born to Muslims in France are not granted citizenship as they are in the United States. They are considered people without a country, so by the time they are 18 or so, they become angry, and there have been riots by some of these young people. These riots are aimed at the government of France, not towards Jews.

Certainly there have been instances of anti-Semitism, she said, just as in the United States, but not in alarming numbers.

This is interesting news, and it causes me to question the validity of Snopes, which didn't deny the account of the email that said there was all this widespread anti-semitism happening in France.

I would believe my friend first and foremost. She has a heartfelt interest in France.

She said that the Muslims that live in France are concentrated in the larger cities such as Paris and Marseilles. And she said there are probably about 4 million of them.

It sounds like A) the Muslims in France are more interested in protesting their own hindered rights than attacking Jews

B) that they are more peace-keeping than what was described in this email

C) that they have legitimate reason for their protests

It also sounds as if the person circulating the email was trying to create unnecessary alarm about the spread of Islam and the danger of Muslim beliefs. We need to understand people. Not all Muslims are being destructive, and France is not such an impotent country. Look, it doesn't even allow Muslims to practice their religion as freely as we do in our country.

Radical Islam shouldn't make us crazy. OK, don't deny that it exists, but don't see it under every tree either!!!


Helen said...

Thank you for sharing your friend's perspective.
I got the same email yesterday from a friend. He most likely thought that since snopes had no correction, it was true. I am glad to know things aren't as bad as that email suggests.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hi Helen! Something about it sounded a little fishy to me. I spent about a month in France over twenty years ago, and though it's a while ago, I've had my taste of Europe, and it just sounded so exaggerated.

Jeff B. said...

I careful about most things you see that are passed on via email or posted on the Internet. Use your best discernment & do some research before automatically swallowing it.
This is just some general advice about using the Internet, & not intended as specific criticism about the posting of the 1st article about anti-semitism in France.

One huge red flag for me, when I initially red the email from that French Jew who was complaining about the Muslims in France, was that she was offering as a partial solution that French products be boycotted!!

That to me sounds would that help?? It would only serve to hurt the economy & lives of French citizens; & make them even weaker in status compared to the Muslims in France!!
Was she actually saying something to the effect of: "You can help us by hurting us"??
Whose side is she on??
Weird, it doesn't make sense.

From my reading on the Internet, the situation is much worse in the Netherlands. The Muslim population has greatly swelled there, from the influx of Muslims coming from other countries.
I suggest you research that phenomenon, if you are looking for a good example of negative influence by Muslims.

I will never forget the words of caution or exhortation given by one of the leaders of street evangelism, before we went out one time years ago. He referenced a scripture that basically warned Christians about the phenomenon of foreigners with different religions taking over a nation--if the Christians do not evangelize them to the truth of Jesus.
I believe there is biblical precedent for this--this most likely happened many time in biblical times--where foreigners "invaded" another nation & instead of assimilating, they changed the fundamental nature of the nation. I liken it to an infection.

If we are not active in successfully evangelizing these lost souls, who are following false religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, even Catholics who are religious--but not truly born again(such as so many Hispanics from Mexico & Latin America), then these immigrants will eventually take over America & destroy it.
We will cease to be a Christian nation.

And this process of infiltration is actually happening here in America!! You cannot deny it.

I'm not against immigration or prejudiced against these foreigners--no I'm just opposed to them taking over our nation & causing a loss of our Christian identity.

In fact, in these end times, I believe God is allowing a huge influx of non-believers to flood into America--for the purpose of the endtime harvest!!

We no longer have to rely solely on sending our missionaries to travel to other countries, to evangelize people & help them to grow as a Christian--no, they are now coming to us en masse. It is almost like the early days of American immigration--when millions of Europeans came through Ellis Island!!
How much easier could it be??!!

please see 2nd half of essay in another window......

Jeff B. said...

Part II:

To go back to explain more about Muslims flooding into the Netherlands: I read a lot about a Dutch member of parliament, a Gert Wilders, who although a very controversial figure--he seems to be leading the fight against radical Islam & jihad in his country.

Here's an excerpt from his Wikipedia page: {Wilders has pleaded, for instance, for a hard line against what he called the "street terror" exerted by minorities in Dutch cities. His controversial 2008 film about Islam in the Netherlands, "Fitna", has received international attention}.

Gert has traveled to other countries, incl. the U.S., to give speeches on this subject & to show his film.

I've seen "Fitna"--his short film which is posted on the Internet. I recommend others to watch it also, to get a perspective from the other side.
One thing to note is that according to the Wikipedia page on him, he was raised as a Catholic--but is now an Atheist.
Now to me, that doesn't discredit him, though. People (even people who reject God) still have a God-given sense of right & wrong (a conscience); and still retain their intelligence.
So I believe Gert's stance on radical Islam is correct & I support him.
In biblical times, God was able to even use a Donkey to speak!!

I believe that radical Islam & jihad against the "infidels" (that's any Christians, Jews, or anyone who refuses to convert to Islam) IS indeed becoming a MAJOR problem worldwide now. It is an evil force that must be righteously opposed!!

It varies from country to country; I allow that it is very possible that in France it may be mild or moderate--that anti Semitism by Muslims may not prevalent there--however, the demonic spirit of Jihad & radical Islam is getting worse & worse as the years tick by.

If one were to compile a list of just a small percentage of all the radical Islam terror events & intimidation that comes from Muslims, the list would be overwhelming.

Just look at the examples of the Fort Hood shooting, the Christmas underwear bomber in Detroit, the NY city Times square terror bomber whose plot was foiled, the news now that the American-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is calling for the killing of American civilians in a new video released Sunday, & of course the continued plots & efforts by Al Queda in Iraq & Afghanistan against U.S. soldiers.

Face it everyone, we are in WAR!!

And these examples are just from the last 6 months or many others are there since 9/11!!!

I hope that all Americans will wake up this reality & will stand up for what is right. May God Bless & protect America in the meantime!!

Jeff B.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Radical Islam is a growing problem, for sure, and this is not to discount that. It's just that it doesn't help to create stories that say it's happening where it isn't happening.

The boycotting idea was definitely not coming from a person who is motivated by love. That made me uncomfortable too!