Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've discovered an alternative to the syndrome of Sunday morning going-to-church doldrums, for the Christian looking for a challenge to his faith, and a way to grow.

Instead of looking to be fed, try finding getting fed somewhere other than a Sunday morning service (since you usually don't get fed very well there) and go looking for the unchurched who aren't going to church on Sunday morning. Imagine the possibilities - imagine the people who are out on a Sunday morning, who are searching for meaning, purpose, answers to their lives, but simply have no expectation of finding these inside a church. BE the church. Go to them! Bring Jesus to them!

I thought this morning of going to a neighborhood known for being inhabited by gay people, and looking for "clues" (prophetic evangelism.) This can be an exciting way to spend a Sunday morning, and a way to stop just being fed and start giving out what you have been given so you don't dry up from not giving.

I realized that Satan makes me think that I need so much help, so much taking in, when what I need is to give out. Sure, I will continue to need to be in the corporate worship setting, I will continue to need prayer, and to hear a good message, and to study the Word, but if I don't give Jesus away, He will become like the manna that the children of Israel hoarded and went bad.

The clue that the Lord gave me this morning was a fairly young man, in his 30s to 40s, with a crew cut, and cut off sleeves, masculine, sitting like in a coffee shop setting. Then I saw a snake wrapped around his arm. It could be more than one thing. It could be a tattoo, or it could be that the snake represents bondage to some sin problem. It could be sexual, but I don't know. I'll find out when I meet him.

Prophetic evangelism - very exciting!

The Lord was giving me clues over a period of a couple of weeks after reading Kevin Dedmon's book The Ultimate Treasure Hunt. I saw overweight people - severely overweight and heard God ask me "can you love them?"

So, I was looking for overweight people, particularly a woman who was grossly overweight in an automated chair of some kind - that's what I saw.

Time went on and I never ran into any one like this, especially the woman with the chair. Then I worked at the healing rooms yesterday, and a woman came in who was very overweight and said she had diabetes. We prayed for her, and God gave me compassion for her, especially since He had prepared me with seeing someone like her in my mind's eye.

Now I wonder if she isn't the lady with the chair. Maybe I was seeing her as she would be if the diabetes had advanced and her weight got worse.

God gives you clues and you are left to try to understand what He is trying to show you.

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