Thursday, July 15, 2010

On my dad and the elderly

I am getting ready to leave for a week so I am rushed.

I just wanted to pen these thoughts about my dad who is 86 and deteriorating. My mom and I have discussed that since he is suffering, it would be best for him to "go home," and so we have prayed that God would take him.

I realized last night one of the reasons why God may not have taken him yet. It is because we are not yet ready to say goodbye. I will find it hard to say goodbye to the man who loves cats so much.

Insert: picture of my dad with my new kitten. See kitten, top right of my blog.

He had her on his lap and was petting her, and saying how much he loves cats. I was awestruck by that. He was talking about how cats are so cute. They're cuddly and soft and you love to hug them. These are reasons why cats are usually enjoyed more by women. Guys like dogs: big, strong and not necessarily as cuddly, though great companions.

But my dad's appreciation for cats, for what is true about them - they are cuddly, soft and one loves to hug a cat - shows his security in his masculinity. I sensed my mom was almost embarrassed when he said those things about cats, because it almost sounded funny coming from a man. But I think, "wow, that is so cool. He is so secure as a man he isn't afraid to say he loves to hug soft, cuddly doll-like animals, or baby-like animals."

This sent my heart out to him, and made me realize this is why he is still here, even though he is suffering. That moment of being reminded of his love for cats would have been lost if he wasn't still here. It was a special moment. It is for those special moments that an aging parent or loved one hangs on.

We can't say goodbye to a person we've known for a lifetime without plenty of special moments. I thank God for that one!

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