Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Noticed!

I've noticed that Christians (we Christians) get together and fast and pray for changes, value changes that will make things better. But we don't make it a priority to first reach out to the lost (and pray for the lost) - to those who are far from God. Instead we shame them and tell them to shape up!

Better said: Christians and conservatives fight to make changes in the society that reflects our values, but we forget that in the process we often shame the lost and tell them to shape up rather than reach out to them and win them for Christ.

This is what I really meant to say!


Devoted said...

Yep, the change begins with us! We Christians...maybe we are the ones who need to shape up... WAKE UP and instead of us praying for someone to do something we start doing it ourselves!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Devoted: see what I said after you left your comment. The meaning changes. I did not mean to blast the people doing the fast and prayer - I believe that nothing is accomplished unless we pray first, and the prayer and fasting is a great endeavor.

I meant that a lot of Christians fight to change things they don't like while at the same time merely shame people who are lost, instead of focusing on them and winning them for Christ. We can't necessarily have the kind of society that we want - we can't necessarily change it to be what we want it to be - we may not get cooperation with that, but we MUST be about loving those who are far from God and reaching them for Christ, at any price - we may lose our lives. That is not popular - we don't want to lose our lives, or our society, or our lovely culture, but the number one priority is reaching out to the lost, no matter what the cost.