Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Story

I grew up in a Lutheran pastor’s home, and though I knew God as a child, as a teen I ended up hating God!

God turned my life around at 18. Because of some devastating problems, I turned back to God.

Then He showed me Hell was real, and I would have been going there, but Jesus had saved me from it!

So, I stopped hating God and knew He loved me enough to save me from Hell, but still doubted He loved me like a true friend because of the difficult things I had gone through, and because I couldn’t find love in the church. I was unhappy with Christians.

I looked for love in “all the wrong places,” but eventually found an ‘alive’ church.

I found out what the church is like when it is alive! The Christians there helped me and I found out God loves me more than I can possibly imagine!

What would I do without Jesus who gives me hope in every area of my life?


Bike Bubba said...

Goes along very well with some things I've been thinking about....any time one rejects the implications of the Gospel for one's own agenda, one can kill the faith of many. Yikes!

A "consistent attender's" parents came to my church recently, and his mom noted that there was a warm at my church that she didn't see at her own church.....and they'll know we are Christians by what, now? Slavish adherence to the Westminster Confession, Holy See, or Book of Concord? Was that it...?

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know that you have some knowledge about real love, pal.