Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thoughts about Christmas, now that it's over (ranting)

I am so glad it's over. All that energy expended on Christmas - all that anxiety over a holiday. All the hustling to get gifts, to find them, to pay for them, to wrap them, to get them to where we are celebrating, to prepare food, to get everyone together to where we are celebrating.

All this, and then we sit down on Christmas day and no one says a prayer - no one thanks God.

Someone did on Christmas eve, but since on Christmas day the meal was being served English style where they dish out the food in the kitchen and hand it to each person rather than pass the food around the table, no one knew when the meal began, so no one knew when it was appropriate to say grace, I guess. But, never mind that my nephew, who was hosting this with his wife, married an unbeliever - and that they probably wanted to do without a prayer.

It's so ridiculous! We all have very little money at this time, so we get little gifts - I bought things for $5. For my brother and sister, who decided we should exchange gifts between the three of us, I spent more - but hardly more, and we told each other what we wanted, then went and bought these things, hardly worth that much - things we could have gone and bought for ourselves, but for the sake of having a Christmas gift, we bought for each other. We do all this just to have gifts to open on Christmas, when we could do without this. It's pointless. I couldn't care less.

It's all meaningless. My sister loves Christmas. She decorated her apartment to the hilt with stuff she collected. She loves Christmas, but it's not about loving Jesus. We aren't centering on Jesus. It's about a holiday. I just don't enjoy it! When it's over, I celebrate. I celebrate that it's over!!!!


Helen said...

I think the problem is that we think of it as one BIG day instead of a season. The time before Christmas isn't meant to be part of the season, but a preparation for the season, and we are supposed to be celebrating for 12 days afterwards!
Merry Tenth Day of Christmas!!!

Bob and I have been at family meals where people forget to pray. They usually remember when we bow our own heads and pray silently, though...

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks dear Helen for reading my ranting!