Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wisdom Of Insecurity

There is a book with this title out there somewhere. I found this book one day, and picked it up, and I didn't read it. I just read the title. The title was enough for me. Sometimes that's true. The title, or the introduction to a book are enough to tell me everything I need to know.

There is wisdom in insecurity. It amazes me the amount of confidence in people who are wrong. People who have the wrong idea, people who are following the wrong path have a great degree of confidence and a strong voice.

Maybe this is why Paul the apostle said he visited the churches with much trembling. He was insecure. He was insecure in his own flesh. He knew that the wisdom of God and the power of God were all that he had to rely upon.

And he says, he who think he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. Pride. Pride is a poor substitute for knowing the love of God within. The wisdom of insecurity is the wisdom to keep asking God if something is right, and to walk carefully, walking in close fellowship with God, never being "too sure."

And there is wisdom in love. When we see someone who is wrong, we need to weep for them. Our hearts must yearn for them to be free, instead of pointing the finger. This also is a place of insecurity, because we often become critical as a defense mechanism.

The wisdom of insecurity. The wisdom of love.

This goes along with what I wrote in that last post about legalism. People are self righteous and are totally confident in their self righteousness no matter if they have a reason to be. This is rooted in our human nature - it is something that comes from the flesh, the desire to be right in our own eyes, no matter if we measure up to God's standards.

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