Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do You Enjoy God's Presence?

Do you enjoy God's presence? Did it occur to you that if you don't enjoy being in God's presence on earth, you are not very likely going to enjoy being with Him forever, in heaven?

Do you look forward to worshiping God and praying, and relishing the time you have with Him, or do you usually shy away from being with Him, finding that you are too busy?

Once again, may I remind you - if you don't like it here, are you going to like it up there?

It amazes me the people who say they believe and are Christians but they don't really invest their time in God.

It causes me to wonder - are they for real? Is this for real? Is God really that important in their lives?

Does it make you wonder?


gap said...

I found you via the sleep post.

Thank you for that post. Really needed to hear God speak on the subject of sleep.

This reply is off topic, I know, but I just wanted to tell you how much this blog means to me so far. Very hopefull and encouraging; I hope you'll be blogging here for years to come.

Obviously you're a cat freak. And a Coon freak too. Could God have made a better cat than the Coon? God gives such GOOD cat.

gap said...


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" with a Maine Coon kitten? Priceless! Thank you for that!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you so much, gap. Just didn't see your comments til now because my internet visits are so much less these days - just getting away from heavy usage of the internet. But I so appreciate what you said, and will continue to make contributions to this blog. God bless you and keep fighting in the faith!

I so love cats and yes, the Maine Coon, which she seems to be, is such an awesome one. She is a barn cat, but a Maine coon seems to have mated with her mother.

Love you!