Monday, January 2, 2012

Word for 2012

This is what God spoke to me:  this is a special year.  The beginning of this year does mark a new beginning in the eyes of God for His children.  God wants you to be free!  God wants you to throw off everything that is burdening you, binding you, shackling you!  God wants to get rid of old fears, old diseases that have lingered, old ideas about you that are not according to God's word that come from man who does not really know God.

It is also financial.  God wants you to be free of financial worries, and free to pursue your dreams!

In order to step into the new, you must listen to God - take time to listen to Him, and spend time in His word.  You must obey Him and be willing to repent of sin.

If you will do these things, He can lead you into the new things He has for you!

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