Monday, October 8, 2012

I don't know if anyone is still reading this blog

But if you are, I just had an epiphany yesterday morning in church right before taking communion.  My brother in law just died from ALS.  It was 5 months from when he contracted it until he died - so don't believe them when they tell you it takes a year at least to die from it.  So bizarre, I didn't have time to process what was happening.  Then he died, and I realized that I hadn't forgiven him.

I wept yesterday to think that I would leave someone without my forgiveness until they had passed away, and I thought of all the others I had resentment towards - i prayed, Oh God don't let me hold onto resentment until they die.

God poured tenderizer into my heart as I wept, and as a church member prayed for me.

Wow!  Sometimes I wonder if God is hearing or working, but yesterday!!!!!