Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A New Post - Wow!

For those who have high hopes of a new post - here it is.  2013.  What did God say to me, when journaling, about 2013?  Well, in spite of Obama, in spite of what is happening to America, which is bad, God said that this would be the best year of my life.  It is already February - but I am still in sort of an anticipation mode.  But isn't it great?

What has happened already.  Remember I have been waiting to get the ammunition to go off medication?  Well, can you believe it?  My very own doctor gave me the green light to begin tapering off medication.  So, gradually, and with difficulty, I have begun the process.  I can see it will take time, but this is what is necessary in order for there to be no symptoms, and for me to carry on with my life as normal in the process.  

This is what I prefer.  I am so thankful to God.

God has also opened up to me the world of being on a special diet.  I have been learning the whole Paleo diet thing, and Atkins, and William Davis' Wheatbelly, and Mark Sisson's Primal thing.  They are all on the same wave-length.  It is not easy, but satisfying at the same time.  And, it gives much physical strength.  Plus, there are the benefits to the mind and emotions from eliminating wheat and sugar.  I have lost weight, but not as much as you would think.  It is very gradual.

So, happy 2013 everyone!  There is still so much to come!


Nina Mateyunas said...

Just passing thru Marie, and it looks like you're being blessed! So nice to hear that. God will keep you in His care and I know you're holding His hand! Eyes on Him, and hand in His! I just love the smiling picture of you and your kitty! Such a cheerful blog!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks dear Nina! Isn't God amazing?