Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Accept These Terms And Conditions

Has it ever occurred to you that there might be a huge risk every time someone puts one of those in front of you?  No, it didn't occur to you, because like me, you click on the "I Accept" button all the time without actually reading the terms and conditions.  I am staying at a hotel and their internet service requires that you press the "I Accept" button after reading the terms and conditions.  As usual, I didn't want to read the terms and conditions so I just went ahead and pressed the button, but as I did I was thinking, Jeesh Gabrielle, it might say something like 'we reserve the right to cut off your big right toe if you do not keep the terms and conditions as specified in this contract.  We will either make arrangements to have the toe cut off, or you can cut it off yourself and mail it to us in a padded envelope.'

That just cracked me up so much.  I had a good laugh and had to share it with you!

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