Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Keys To Healing

1.  Be open to hearing God's voice.
2.  When hearing His voice, be open to accepting when He tells you there is sin in your life, and repent.
3.  When you repent, also take communion to receive power to overcome the sin.
4.  Reconcile with the key relationships in your life - family members.  Forgive.
5.  Confess scriptures on healing and on overcoming the devil out loud.
6.  Read and meditate on the word.
7.  Get good, sound biblical teaching from teachers you trust, whether it be on TV, on a website, or in a church setting.  You may need to travel a distance to get the kind of teaching you need.
8.  Get prayer for healing, whether it be in a church, a healing room, or through a website that offers healing prayer.

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