Friday, April 18, 2014

God Has My Adam

God has the Adam missing from the Garden of Eden, me being the Eve, to complete the picture - me, God, the animals, and my man.  The one that I have been in love with has not been cooperating very well - ha ha!  He is a reluctant bachelor, and as soon as he got wind of the fact that I was completely besotted with him, he wanted to run like the wind.  But, he didn't totally run, he has been in my life, which has made it difficult to sort out what is going on with my relationship to him, because we see each other at church.  I keep getting the picture that he has feelings for me, but just so hotly and firmly wants to defend his independence.  Sometimes I think that he has some serious issues that need to be straightened out.  So, I have been in a frustrating situation.  So, I make the confession that God has the right man for me, and he has healthy thoughts and attitudes, and no hesitation to get involved with me.  He is passionately in love with Jesus and someone with whom I will be able to do ministry.  There is no competition in love, and no other woman will do for him - I am the one woman who he desires more than any other woman. 

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