Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Push Towards Same-Sex - Sodom and Gomorrah

If you look up articles on the efforts to legalize same-sex marriage state by state, you see how feverishly some people have been working to do this over the last few years.  You have to be amazed at the passionate desire to do this, and the work put into doing it.  You see how each year new states have been added that accept gay marriage.  It is overwhelming.  But what is more overwhelming is when your own state accepts it and then you begin to notice how people, people of your own gender seem to be more open to gay sex, how they act differently towards you now, how they seem to be interested in gay sex.  It is absolutely disturbing to the nth degree.  It is Sodom and Gomorrah relived.  It is the end of our society!!! This is the effect that the change of laws has - it affects the minds of people towards right and wrong, especially younger people. That is why we didn't want to change the laws.  Who has the wisdom to see it?  We are going down the toilet!!!

I do not know how much more I can stand.

Do you?