Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The book "The Priestess"

This is a short story about a pagan priestess back in around 40 AD on the British Isles.  It is a small book and only costs around $4.00. 

The book "Reaching Out"

This is a short book that costs only about $4.00 and is about three people groups - Jews, African Americans and Arabs or Muslims.  It shows what is special about them and talks about their importance and destinies.  It is designed for handing out to people. 

The book "Freedom Fighter"

I completed my book "Glory" in 2013, my autobiography.  Now, I've changed the name and a few parts of the book and renamed it -  "Freedom Fighter."  Apparently, I never reported that.  It is available on Amazon, for 7.50 and on Kindle for $6.99.  I have removed much or most of my personal material on my blog, but if you still want to read a lot about my past, and my story, you will find it in this book.  But of course, everything that is there is written to edify and to help to bring healing and victory to anyone struggling with the same problems.  Have you struggled with sexual sin?  Have you struggled with mental illness? I hope that the book will inspire and help you.


This cat appeared earlier and her name is "Glory" and she has been with me 5 years.  She has been so wonderful and has healed my heart of the hurt from losing other cats, and God has said "did I not say if you believe you will see the GLORY of God?"  She reminds me of Him saying that.  She is a most wonderful animal companion and has few problems.