Friday, September 25, 2015

My testimony of faith

Well, by September of 2015, how things have developed.  Where I once despaired of ever losing weight again, and I am 60 years old, here I am, a middle aged woman, having lost about 30 pounds and looking pretty thin again.  God had prophesied that to me.  God had also prophesied that I would go off medication, and by 2012, my doctor, my own doctor no less, gave me permission to go off medication.  So God had truly spoken to me.  Now there are other things God has spoken - relationship with a man, and other exciting things in my future.

But here is how Jesus saved me from sin and damnation and trouble.  I was raised in a Lutheran minister’s home, and he was a troubled man.  This of course drove a wedge between me and God because he, being the one who set the example for me of God, set a bad example.  And so I was troubled in my relationship to God, besides longing for male love and companionship.  And so I did not have good beginnings in my dating or romantic life and the sexual revolution determined I would have sexual sin in my life.

It took a long time to work that out of my life, but I was able to through the power of the cross, because Jesus revealed Himself to me and that He had the answer to sin.  And, He also revealed to me that sin is bondage, sin is only a prison.

Jesus released me from that prison, but it took a long time, in fact, it was not until I was almost 50 years old that I found my freedom from sexual sin.  I also because extremely bound by another problem - mental illness and mental torment.  Today I understand that this comes mainly from people of the occult putting the power of demonic forces on vulnerable people, but I did not understand this for many years and for many years became the victim of mental bondage, torment and psychiatric drugs, which are a bondage in themselves.

Now, at last, as I said, I got permission to go off medication, and gradually, carefully have been going off drugs.  Jesus has revealed Himself as the answer to every problem and the one who can satisfy every need.  There is not a man who can be to me what Jesus is, or a human being who can fill my loneliness like He can.  Jesus revealed Himself as having the power to destroy all that was troubling me, and at long last, I am free. 

I inherited an anger problem from my dad, but that tendency towards anger is also something I got a victory over through Jesus.  I am extremely creative and it is Jesus who helps me to create.  No one is more creative than God. 

Jesus has given me the life I always dreamed of.  There is no greater life than knowing God and having the righteousness that is based on faith.  I am overwhelmed by the grace and goodness of God, and being chosen by Him.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Now, even Glory has gone to Rainbow Bridge - Jeesh!

This happy animal, who was my faithful companion, who I loved with all my heart, tragically was hit by a car on the eve of September 11, 2015.  God had a plan in taking her.  He sees the future, and it is one in which I am not able to take her with me.  It will become more clear in the coming days and weeks.