Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donald Trump?

Donald Trump running for president and the current talk about the economy being the most important issue amongst conservatives is why I depart from them in heart and in mind.

Donald Trump? It shows that the most important issue is, indeed, our money, because he doesn't know much about anything else!

And if you believe that the economy is the problem in our country, you are blind!

First and foremost, the problem in our country is our values, and a departure from God. Financial woes are easily resolved when other things line up. God takes care of His own. If you focus on your money first, where is God in the picture?

Oh, God help me not to give up on this country!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lessons learned from The King's Speech

I just saw the movie last night, and was impressed with the speech therapist's confidence. He had self worth. He didn't base it on his income, or on the letters next to his name. He trusted in the wisdom and instincts that God endowed him with, to see into the underlying psychological problems of people, and to free them from them.

He didn't rely on conventional wisdom. He found his wisdom through learning on his own, and didn't need colleges and people of high standing to pat him on the back and give him their approval.

And because of his confidence and because he indeed possessed something that had the power to set people free, he eventually came into the company of royalty. It's fairy tale stuff!!!

In the company of royalty, he didn't shrivel under the heavy weight of their greatness against his smallness. He continued to be confident, and he had the same desire to set them free. He didn't think, "well, they have all that money and prestige and power. Let them figure it out for themselves!!" He had the same compassion and understanding towards them as anyone else. He didn't seek fortune or fame. He sought to help them.

He is a type of Christ.

As a result of his fine qualities, he was given a great award by the King, had a lifelong friendship with the King, and I am sure he was paid well for his services.

What a story of the kind of life God has called us to!!!! It is also a picture of the rewards of that life.

It was truly inspiring. It is unfortunate that it was rated "R." There is hardly anything that would cause it to be rated that. That only would keep a lot of good people from seeing it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mark Twain and The Jews

Read this article:Mark Twain and The Jews

Herein you will find words that match so well what I have said about the Jews in my essay "Why Do I Extol The Jew?" The only difference here is that Twain doesn't seem to know the G_d who is behind all of this!!! Amazing! I hope he found G_d.