Monday, March 31, 2008

White Like Me - Eddie Murphy

Can't believe this goes back to 1984! Are we regressing? This was some good humor about racism by Murphy.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jews For Jesus

I went to see David Brickner tonight, the head of Jews for Jesus. I seem to have a Jewish theme in my life right now. He showed a video of their work in Israel. ISRAEL HAS ALMOST SIX MILLION JEWS! That's an ominous number, since it's the number killed in the holocaust. Soon, they say, more Jews will be living in Israel than all those outside Israel.

Less than 1 percent know Jesus as Messiah! Most have never heard the word Y'shua, the Hebrew name for Jesus. It makes my heart yearn for Jewish evangelism! 'To the Jew first!' I can't believe how I have basked in the love and light of the Messiah's love, as a Gentile, taking what belonged to the Jews first! I got it first! God loved me that much!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Breast Cancer Scare

Suffice to say, when they do mammograms, they often get a bad reading and I got one and had to go back. Man, you'd think they could be more thorough right from the start and not put you through all that! It turned out OK, but until then I was a bit upset. But not that upset, because the Holy Spirit gave me that inner "knowing" that I didn't have cancer. We must hear from God.

I also went to the healing rooms in Golden Valley in between visits and got prayer for healing, and prayer for assurance. I also use Charles Capps' book "God's Creative Power For Healing" where you confess scriptures on healing out loud over yourself.

God is good!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dennis Prager Last Night

Dennis Prager talked last night at the Northland Inn and was funny and thought provoking. Most of you probably know that he has a talk show on the radio and can be found on Townhall and that he leans towards the right politically. He has very clear thinking and I'm amazed how he thinks of things that I do, since he is a Jew and I am a Christian.

He talked about the difference between men and women. He made me wish I could trade my brain with a man. He was so funny, saying that if a man had to wear a woman's brain for a day he'd commit suicide, because women think way too much! He said men have the ability to turn off troubling thoughts and just not think about anything. He said if a woman had the ability to wear a man's brain for a day, she'd exclaim, "this is so easy!" Oh, it sounds good to me, to be free from my mind! But, on the other hand, I don't think Prager realizes that there can be pleasure in our thought processes, and that's maybe why we do it.

Men would not necessarily want to kill themselves having these woman brains!

Anyway, I'd go into more detail about more of what he said - serious stuff- but I will continue this later. For now I'm going to try to exercise the ability to turn off serious thoughts, just like he said women can learn to do!

OK - here is some of the serious stuff Prager said that night. The topic is: "what keeps Prager up at night?" His first answer was: nothing. Then he said, "I'm done, are there any questions?" But then he said, although he doesn't lose sleep over anything at all, there are things that are constantly bothering him, and he named them.

The first one is his children. He said he doesn't know of anything that will occupy your thoughts more than your children - worrying about them. I now understand this only by being an aunt. I now think constantly about my nieces and nephews and the things concerning them.

He named some other things, among them the thing that led to talking about the difference between men and women, but the one that struck me the most was the last one: he worries about the fate of America. I almost thought he was going to cry. He said something that I guess he has talked about on his show before, that America has a trinity of values that are being threatened.

1. In God we trust - is now being threatened by secularism.

2. Liberty - is being threatened by equality (communistic idea of making all equal instead of encouraging people to go out and work for what they get)

3. E Pluribus Unum or Many Into One, the melting pot - is being threatened by multiculturalism - the idea that it is not necessary to become a part of this culture, but to just force your own culture on Americans

There was so much.

Oh yeh, I forgot. He is disturbed by evil, by the evil done by evil people to other people. He says that the truly evil in the world are like another species. And they don't 'get' us, the people who care about right and wrong. He wouldn't mind if God disposed of the truly evil in the world, and I clapped to that. This is a thought that I have had plenty of times.

He ponders the question of how much free will every person has. This needs more explanation perhaps, but it is an idea that I agree with, and so does Lutheran doctrine.

Prager and I think alike on so many counts. One thing he said I don't agree with is the idea of luck. He says that there is just good luck or bad luck and that's the way it is. I believe a person in relationship with God has more than just luck happening in his/her life. But basically he and I think so much alike.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I said I was putting this book down during the holiday season to rejoice and forget about any end times stuff going on in the Middle East. I got bored, however, and picked up the book a couple nights ago and started to read. I can't put the book down!

I had no idea of how positive and upbeat Joel Rosenberg is! He is saying that Israel is just beginning to enter a time of peace and prosperity that was prophesied in Ezekiel, and that Israel will later be attacked by Gog and Magog ( Russia with the help of Iran) and that Israel (the Jews in it) will then turn to God for help. We will then see the Jews finally turn to God in great numbers and finally accept Yeshua as Messiah! And God will show Himself in great power, deliver the Jews from Iran and Russia, and others in the world will turn to Him as a result!

I am overwhelmed with excitement. Go to Psalm 96, because after watching Hal Lindsey, (who is a doomsday type of prophet of the end times,) God led me to go to that chapter in Psalms. Notice how it is talking about God's judgment coming, yet its tone is sweet - it talks about nature rejoicing! (96:11 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.KJV) That's because for those of us who are in God's will, walking closely with him, under the blood of the Lamb, there is great hope and joy ahead. And reading Joel Rosenberg, I am aware that he is tuned into this same reality. He knows this same God that I know - who brings you into greater light and hope. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not discounting everything Hal Lindsey is saying, or saying that I don't still have trepidations about future judgments or problems. But out of it, I anticipate great deliverance.

I am so happy for the Jews! The Jews have been on my heart lately and this is the hope for them that I needed to hear. Hallelujah!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a great feeling!

Googling yourself and nothing comes up. Nice feeling to not be put under the microscope of the public. By the way, I'm not really Gabrielle Eden. Sorry if that's disappointing.

Christianity Gone Wrong

Two (Christian) women discussing Brooke Shields

Woman 1: "Did you see Brooke Shields on David Letterman last night?"

Woman 2: "No, I didn't stay up that late."

Woman 1: "She looks just gorgeous! I can't believe it. She's been around as long as I have, it seems, yet she looks way younger and better. I was getting so jealous!"

Woman 2: "Well, how old is she? She has got to be up there."

Woman 1: "I don't know. I need to go look her up on Wikipedia."

Woman 2: "Here, I've got it. OK, Brooke Shields, something about Tom Cruise admiring her."

Woman 1: "I 'spose!"

Woman 2: "Ok, she was born in 1965."

Woman 1: "1965! She's ten years younger than me! She hasn't gone through change of life. She's been around forever! Why is it that when I find out the ages of these people, there are the ones I thought were way older than me, and I find out they aren't that much older, like Sylvester Stallone, and there are the ones who have practically lived life alongside me, and I find out they are actually way younger than me! I can't win!"

Woman 2: "Look, she started out her career in a movie as a child living in a brothel. She's been exploited. We should pray for her. She probably hasn't had much of an opportunity to know Christ and his saving power!"

Woman 1: "Oh, right! So, then she could have salvation and have this gorgeous body and beautiful face, and all that money too."

Woman 2: "Uh..."

Financial Miracles

1. TV Repair

I had an analog TV, the soon to be obsolete heavy box-shaped TV, not the flat,digital screen. I lifted it to move it to a new location, and placed it on my futon bed temporarily. It slid off the bed and onto the floor, face down.

Something happened to the screen. A friend said the 'coating' got messed up. There was this ugly spot on the screen. When the screen was just blue, the spot was a bright pink. when there was a picture, the skin tones were green in that spot.

I went to Best Buy and they told me that it sounded like it would cost so much it wouldn't be worth fixing. My TV just sat there until months later when my roommate turned it on. I had stopped watching Tv altogether just as a lifestyle change. it took a while for me to notice that the spot had completely disappeared. it wasn't until later that I recalled having laid hands on my TV and praying for it. This is another financial miracle because God prevented me from having to spend money on TV repair.

At this point, I was using my TV mainly for watching videos.

2. The Keyboard

I purchased a keyboard at a time when I had very little money- no extra money at all. I was desiring a keyboard to use for praise and worship in my home. I purchased it on credit, since I had a large amount of credit, believing God for the means to pay it back. Not long after I made the purchase, a mysterious deposit was made in my bank account for the exact amount of the keyboard. I hadn’t told anyone who had access to my bank account the exact amount of the purchase. Only my parents had deposit slips for my bank account. I hadn’t told them about my purchase. It was a bizarre miracle.

3. A Hospital Bill For $8,000

I was traveling in Canada while on a manic episode. The police stopped me because people at a hotel I had stayed at reported some odd behavior. The police determined from my behavior and language that I was delusional and brought me to a hospital. They kept me there for several days, but of course, not much care was given except for putting me up for the night and giving me medication.

When I returned to the States they sent me a bill for $8,000. I was paying for it with payments of about $15.00 a month. Once I forgot to make a payment and the bill ended up in collections, but they retrieved it from collections and I was back to making payments. I was getting prayer for this bill from my church.

At one point, I heard God tell me not to make the payment for that month. I just knew I wasn’t supposed to make any more payments. I never received another bill and nothing came from a collection agency, and this was years ago.

4. God Told Me I Would Receive $10,000.00

I heard God tell me that I would be receiving $10,000.00. I didn’t know where it would be coming from. I told a friend about this. Some time later, but not that much later, I received my first payment from my grandmother for $10,000.00. She was giving money from her estate early, before her death. We received more payments. I ended up receiving that 10,000 7 or 8 times worth. I used the money to go to the church in Toronto several times, and to buy my house.

5. A Hospital Bill For $48,000

Well, it’s simple. I had a bill that large, and it was written off. I got prayer from my small, charismatic church named Lovepower, and then went in to discuss the bill with the financial office. When they learned that I was almost jobless, they wrote off the bill.

It's Holy Week....

and I just don't feel in the state of mind to be all reverent or religious. Jesus rose from the dead! That's good reason to celebrate!

I started to read Joel Rosenberg's book Epicenter, but put it down for now. For now I want to live in my bubble of happiness, unruffled by worrying about those rumblings in the Middle East and what they mean. I mean to read the book and take it seriously, but for this season of spring popping out, I just want to rejoice! For Good Friday, I think I'll go to a water park.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Power Of Love

This is really about the power of God. I just deleted a post called "Obama as Player." You can only guess what that was about. If you watch the video by Bishop T.D. Jakes, you'll hear him talk about how Satan will try to trap you in something that appeals to you.

Well, I was getting sucked into this whole thing about Obama, getting upset over people being taken by him, knowing that he is not good for the nation. I wasn't looking beyond this - to the Lord. I was fighting this thing in my own strength.

I only know that no matter what happens, it's going to be the power of love that makes the difference in people's lives.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Now here is a real black man of God. He is preaching on fighting the devil. It's an excerpt and it's good!

God Bless America-Martina McBride

Obama's Friend Farrakhan Claiming to be Jesus and Elijah

As far as I know, this takes place at Obama's church.

Obama's Pastor Saying G_d D_amn America

Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Wonderful Pastor

Here is an article on him cursing America. Great! Dems have done it again. They think it's so cool - "let's have a woman president or a black president," so they pick people who are a woman and a black, but not based on the content of their character. That's what Martin Luther King Junior said his dream was, that people would be judged by 'the content of their character' and not on the color of their skin - not on outward things.

Just read what Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor, who married he and his wife and baptized his children, has said in some of his sermons, and you tell me just how close does he come to Martin Luther King Jr or T.D Jakes in character and in imitating the love of Christ? He does black people a disservice. And so does having Obama come any where near being president do to black people. Another blow to them! Oh God have mercy and help us!

Harry Potter Accepts Christ in Latest Film

The filmmakers of the latest Harry potter film have taken creative license and have written a screenplay with Harry Potter renouncing his witchcraft as he gives his heart and life to God and to faith in Jesus Christ.

In one dramatic scene he takes the tools of his trade (witchcraft) and burns them, and there are screams and cries as scorpions, snakes and devils fly out of the pile of debris.

J.K. Rowling was not asked to comment on this alteration of her story, but it is assumed that she will not be happy about it.

I made this up! (As if you didn't know already)

Here is an article examining the book "Looking For God In Harry Potter"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

You can't expect them to treat cats any better than people

All of the cats I've ever loved should be turning over in the grave, or cringing about now.

Long story, but I don't have three of the cats that I have loved and owned for years right now - they belong to someone else, and three are in heaven. My love of cats is matched only by my awe of the cruelty that we know people who are cruel towards people (we've heard about persecution in China) can have towards animals. Death camps for cats in China? Me and my cat are going ballistic over here!

Surprisingly, I'm suddenly happy that PETA exists and am wishing they could do something about this!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Israelis Mourn

This looks like a classic painting

Joyful Joyful - Sister Act II

This song from the movie of 1993 still moves me. I used this movie as a teaching tool when I taught music for three years in the early 2000's.

This video demonstrates how every believer should worship God.

Oh Happy Day - Sister Act II

This song, from the movie of 1993, still brings tears to my eyes.

Monday, March 3, 2008

E-Mail From Aunt Accidentally Opened

This joke from the Onion caught my attention as it reminds me of e-mails that I send to my nephews.

It says that the 20 year old student was subjected to: "a vast compendium of mass-circulated poetry, pet humor, and inspirational aphorisms with vague underlying religious motivations."

Pretty funny stuff!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Larry Norman - I am a Servant

Larry Norman just died at 60! I know he had issues with his heart. Sad, but he's also a lucky man. My favorite songs are ones I can't publish, since I can't publish songs off my itunes list on my blog - "One Way" and "My Feet Are On The Rock."

It should be remembered that Norman was the innovator of Christian rock back in the 1970s, or was one of the main innovators.