Friday, September 7, 2007

Please Pray For My Company

The place where I work. They are a heating and air conditioning company here in Minnesota and I think that the seeds they have sown are springing up. What went around is coming around. And I am just praying for an attitude of compassion and understanding to help them understand the things they haven't. They have been generous with their pay towards those they have chosen to work for them, and in giving certain free benefits.

Unfortunately they show favoritism towards some people, and reject others. The way they handle business is illogical and also inconsiderate towards certain people.

They aren't unkind or bad people, just shortsighted. And you cannot build a business on what is inconsiderate of people. I just pray for wisdom in what to say and do during a time when the company may be in trouble financially.

Telemarketing is just dying down - it isn't paying off. People are getting weary of it. The company's bread and butter has come from it and has few new resources for advertising.

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