Monday, June 28, 2010

I've been reading Kevin Dedmon

I've been reading two books by Kevin Dedmon. First I read "Unlocking Heaven" where he talks about being "naturally supernatural" - he talks about how to bring divine healing to other people, and that it's not out of our reach.

God has used him to do amazing re-creative miracles - growing out severed limbs, things like that. His writing just melts in my mouth. I can't put him down.

Then, I read "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt" in which he explains how to be led prophetically to people so that you can show them that God specifically led you to them, and gave you specific details about them, so that they will open up to God and receive him. He shows how you are not so far away from being prophetic. I tried it once - I tried going on a treasure hunt by myself - and it worked. God led me specifically to this one lady. He told me who to look for, where and what her need was. Then I had to find the courage to go up to her and tell her what I was up to, and ask her if she wanted prayer.

I was amazed at how God had given me the exact "clues" and they were accurate.

You must read him. He will put the fire of the Holy Spirit back into your life because he walks in it daily.

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