Monday, September 21, 2009

Jesus is invading Soi Cowboy!

Bangkok, Thailand, has a reputation for being the sex capital of the world. Soi Cowboy (Cowboy Street) is right at the heart of the prostitution scene.

The Well, a Christian ministry in Bangkok, helps to get women off the streets by sharing the love and grace of Jesus with them and giving them a fresh start at life. Those who come to The Well’s training centers are given a safe place to live, emotional and spiritual counseling, training in the Word, job skills training, and most of all, unconditional love.
Dan Hennenfant, head of Cup of Cold Water Ministries, the parent ministry that Servantwoks and The Well is under, writes: "I was walking through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand with Servantworks missionary Jim Larson. Cup of Cold Water Ministries and ServantWorks have been partnering since Jim and his family moved to Bangkok in 2004.

We were on our way to the famed Soi Cowboy (Cowboy Street) where prostitution is rampant. Soi Cowboy is the core area of the city that earns Bangkok the dubious title of "Sex Capital of The World." That is where Jim's wife Judy and others minister to the girls who work in the bars and look for "dates."

We had not yet reached Soi Cowboy when we were solicited by a couple of girls who were 'freelancing.' That's when I saw Jesus. He looked like Jim Larson, but I'm sure it was Jesus. He stopped and talked to the girls in their native language and soon we wre hearing their stories.

One girl, Thom, said that this was her first time "working" like this. Her son broke his arm and she needed money, about $200, to pay the bill. We left her a number to call in the morning if she needed help.
Mani, Jim's outreach worker met with Thom the next day, and learned that she was telling the truth. A few evenings later we prayed with Thom.

Now she is one of the "Women of The Well." The bill is paid and she is growing towards Christ. That night I saw Jesus working in Bangkok. ”

To learn more about Servantworks/The Well visit:

Pictured: Jim, second from left with his family

To tell a little bit more about this story. I discovered this ministry back in around 2006 and started contributing to it. I put a post on my blog Go Free Now and a guy named Bill Graver found it. He followed my blog for a while and I followed his blog too when he had one. Then he came into town last February on business. Now Bill is on the board of directors of Servantworks, so The Well is close to his heart. He has also spent considerable time in Thailand with Jim and helped with the ministry. He was interested in the fact that I was interested in the ministry. We had struck up a friendship through blogging. On February 14th, we went on a sort of date.

It was totally fun. God is good.


Bill Graver said...

Hey, thanks for putting up this post. God is, indeed, working in Thailand and doing really awesome stuff through former sex workers.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hey Bill! You're just the person I want to have commenting on this post!

Bill Graver said...

Things are going pretty well with the ministry. Jim Larson was in the States for a month and started to see a lot of people getting involved, including many who want to go to Thailand to help.

Maybe I'll get up to Minneapolis again some time and we could go back to that delicious Thai place

Gabrielle Eden said...

Sounds good, Bill. For now I'm kinda "stuck" here, so I doubt I'll be coming to where you are. I look forward to the day when I can visit The Well.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I just received an anonymous (cowardly) comment from someone which was basically a curse on The Well.

The Well, let me state again, is seeking to help women to make a living by some other means than using their bodies and degrading themselves - some other means than the shame of using sex for money.

So, the understanding is that they need to make a living, and a way is being provided for them to do so - with dignity and with talents that they possess that give them worth as human beings, not as sex objects.

To denounce trying to get them out of the sex trade as a way to make money, is to wish to degrade women, and that is evil. How one can think otherwise is beyond my comprehension.

I hope for the anonymous commenter, that an understanding of the love of Christ that would reach out to women like this would come before your final plane crash in life.